Woodlawn Neighborhood Real Estate


Once considered among the city’s most luxurious neighborhoods, Northeast Portland’s Woodlawn is currently being restored to its original glory due to the influx of new homeowners and efforts by the city’s urban progress campaigns.

This lovely residential area also features distinctive diagonal streets, a large number of beautiful old Victorian homes, and proximity to downtown and the upscale shopping and entertainment districts such as Beaumont-Wilshire and Alberta Arts.

Parks & Recreation

Woodlawn Park draws residents and visitors with unique amenities such as a combined playground and wading pool, and outdoor stage, and exceptional public art in addition to a basketball court, picnic areas, and playing fields.

Real Estate

Although turn of the century Victorian homes dominate the Woodlawn neighborhood’s architectural style, many Cape Cod, Arts and Crafts and split-levels can be found along side the attractively built Tudors and Old Portland homes that make up the rest of the area’s affordable housing.

ZIP Codes

The Woodlawn neighborhood uses the 97211 zipcode.

Homes For Sale

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