West Portland Park Real Estate

Neighborhood Overview 

This hilly Southwest Portland neighborhood is bordered by Portland Community College’s Sylvania Campus and enjoys convenient access to the business and shopping districts of the nearby upscale Lake Oswego area. Less than 20 minutes from downtown Portland, the West Portland Park neighborhood features a secluded air and attractive, well-kept homes on large lots, many with great views of the Northern part of the Willamette Valley.

The Holly Farm Park is the neighborhood’s local day park and includes one of the city’s best skate parks with a 2800 square foot skate bowl.

Parks & Recreation

The West Portland Natural Area is a large, undeveloped swath of natural forest and riparian areas filled with streams, vantage points and a wide range of native plants and wildlife. The Kerr site is another pristine natural area in the West Portland Park neighborhood featuring a protected wetland and towering old growth tree.

Real Estate

The majority of homes in the West Portland Park neighborhood were built from the early1950s to the late 1980s in the Ranch or similarly tidy styles. Some old Craftsman and Victorian structures can be found among the immaculately maintained mid-century designs, along with some Condo and back-fill developments.

Zip Codes

The West Portland Park neighborhood uses the 97219 ZIP code.