St. Johns Real Estate

Neighborhood Overview

Nearly a city unto itself, St. Johns has been considered one of Portland’s most desirable up-and-coming neighborhoods for several years. Reasonable housing prices, convenient close in location and fantastic views of Forest Park and surrounding natural areas all contribute to making this neighborhood a great place to live.

The uniquely constructed St. Johns Bridge is the tallest bridge in the city with two 408 foot gothic towers rising from its span across the Willamette River, and connects residents of the charming St. Johns area with the Northwest Hills recreation and industrial areas.

Parks & Recreation

The Smith and Bybee Lakes Wildlife Area is the largest protected urban wetland in the United States and includes miles of multi-use trails ideal for hiking, biking and viewing the abundant wildlife that call the area home. Kelley Point Park is a gorgeous, 100 plus acre day park featuring expansive lawns and natural areas, walking paths, historical site, public art, and picnic areas.

Real Estate

The traditional working class St. Johns neighborhood is filled with modest but well tended Cape Cods, Bungalows Portland Foursquare and Ranch homes.  Look for a few newly constructed Condos in the industrial portion of the area.

Zip Codes

The St. Johns neighborhood uses the 97203 ZIP code.