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Listings as of Thursday 27th of April 2017 08:00:00 AM

Property AddressCityAreaMLS IDPrice
555 Se 7th PlCanbyOregon City, Beavercreek, Canby, Molalla, MulinoMLS17224652$305,000
472 Se 11th AveHillsboroHillsboro, Forest GroveMLS17203359$184,900
0951 Sw Palatine Hill RdPortlandPortland West, Raleigh HillsMLS17066831$1,400,000
1140 Ne Emerson StPortlandPortland NortheastMLS17648761$299,000
6580 Chessington LnGladstoneMilwaukie, Gladstone, Happy Valley, Clckmas, Dmscus, EstacadaMLS17587796$425,000
8229 Sw 47th AvePortlandPortland West, Raleigh HillsMLS17517181$699,000
11208 Ne 122nd AveVancouverClark Co: Brush Prairie, HockinsonMLS17380805$370,000
11037 Sw Legacy Oak WayTigardTigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, WilsonvilleMLS17264074$367,000
16138 Nw Hildago LnPortlandNw Washington Co Or Sauvie IslandMLS17025533$355,000
8401 Ne Sumner StPortlandPortland NortheastMLS16040075$269,000
41745 Sw Fort Hill Rd LandWillaminaYamhill County Including WillaminaMLS17351975$650,000
23062 Sw Cuthill PlSherwoodTigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, WilsonvilleMLS17584889$499,990
17021 Ne 21st StVancouverClark Co: E OrchardsMLS17415785$324,000
13623 Sw King Lear WayKing CityTigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, WilsonvilleMLS17218629$375,000
41745 Sw Fort Hill RdWillaminaYamhill County Including WillaminaMLS17100072$650,000

Listings as of Thursday 27th of April 2017 07:00:00 AM

Property AddressCityAreaMLS IDPrice
4844 Se Grant StPortlandPortland SoutheastMLS17231887$524,900
20450 Sw Rosemount StBeavertonBeaverton, AlohaMLS17602516$319,900
4620 Ne 91st WayVancouverVancouver: S Salmon CreekMLS17629775$345,000
1530 Sw 197th AveAlohaBeaverton, AlohaMLS17426466$325,000
2724 Ne 96th WayVancouverVancouver: S Salmon CreekMLS17383857$350,000
2194 5th AveWest LinnLake Oswego, West LinnMLS17259070$349,848

Listings as of Thursday 27th of April 2017 06:00:00 AM

Property AddressCityAreaMLS IDPrice
2540 Nw 113th AvePortlandNw Washington Co Or Sauvie IslandMLS17667908$605,800
16835 Sw Ledgestone DrBeavertonBeaverton, AlohaMLS17200681$634,950

Listings as of Thursday 27th of April 2017 03:00:00 AM

Property AddressCityAreaMLS IDPrice
8044 Se Boise StPortlandPortland SoutheastMLS17509596$299,900
13730 Se 134th AveClackamasMilwaukie, Gladstone, Happy Valley, Clckmas, Dmscus, EstacadaMLS17421696$529,900

Listings as of Thursday 27th of April 2017 01:00:00 AM

Property AddressCityAreaMLS IDPrice
661 Nw 8th StPendletonUmatilla Co: PendletonMLS17200169$124,900
20512 Sw Roy Rogers Rd 223SherwoodTigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, WilsonvilleMLS17069679$179,900
8717 Se Monterey AveHappy ValleyMilwaukie, Gladstone, Happy Valley, Clckmas, Dmscus, EstacadaMLS17328065$162,000
8591 Se Owen DrHappy ValleyMilwaukie, Gladstone, Happy Valley, Clckmas, Dmscus, EstacadaMLS17116356$860,000

Listings as of Thursday 27th of April 2017 12:00:00 AM

Property AddressCityAreaMLS IDPrice
0 La CenterLa CenterLa Center City LimitsMLS17691265$140,000
0 Nw La Center RdLa CenterLa Center City LimitsMLS17620434$110,000
17212 Sw Roosevelt StSherwoodTigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, WilsonvilleMLS17676480$475,000
2345 Se Swain AveMilwaukieMilwaukie, Gladstone, Happy Valley, Clckmas, Dmscus, EstacadaMLS17645051$425,000
1408 Nw 102nd StVancouverVancouver: N Hazel Dell / FelidaMLS17636888$325,000
3944 Sw Beaverton Hillsdale HwyPortlandPortland West, Raleigh HillsMLS17274433$349,900

Listings as of Wednesday 26th of April 2017 11:00:00 PM

Property AddressCityAreaMLS IDPrice
980 E BroadwayGoldendaleKlickitat Co: Goldendale/centervilleMLS17557629$289,900
15917 Ne Union Rd 93RidgefieldVancouver: N Salmon CreekMLS17688134$315,000
13122 Ne Brazee StPortlandPortland NortheastMLS17340317$378,000
4967 Bilford LnLake OswegoLake Oswego, West LinnMLS17084419$545,000

Listings as of Wednesday 26th of April 2017 10:00:00 PM

Property AddressCityAreaMLS IDPrice
13753 Se Thurmont StHappy ValleyMilwaukie, Gladstone, Happy Valley, Clckmas, Dmscus, EstacadaMLS17682323$395,000
376 Sw Chapman AveTroutdaleGresham, Sandy, Troutdale, CorbettMLS17603959$334,950
51839 Nw Clapshaw Hill RdForest GroveHillsboro, Forest GroveMLS17508553$459,000
21391 Sw 92nd AveTualatinTigard, Tualatin, Sherwood, WilsonvilleMLS17477396$369,900
5036 Sw Wentworth TerBeavertonBeaverton, AlohaMLS17052336$275,000

Listings as of Wednesday 26th of April 2017 09:00:00 PM

Property AddressCityAreaMLS IDPrice
620 Ne Roselawn StPortlandPortland NortheastMLS17637587$399,900
6280 Sw 196th AveBeavertonBeaverton, AlohaMLS17117314$300,000
16900 Ne Highway 240NewbergYamhill County Including WillaminaMLS17228629$549,888
27751 Se Carl StGreshamGresham, Sandy, Troutdale, CorbettMLS17392197$380,000
4352 Se Sweetbriar CtTroutdaleGresham, Sandy, Troutdale, CorbettMLS17135816$365,000
12919 Nw 25th CtVancouverVancouver: N FelidaMLS17063118$1,695,000

Listings as of Wednesday 26th of April 2017 08:00:00 PM

Property AddressCityAreaMLS IDPrice
7708 Se Stephens StPortlandPortland SoutheastMLS17562484$449,000
87711 Rendezvous LoopVenetaLane Co: West Lane PropertiesMLS17135944$240,000
14918 Ne 6th AveVancouverVancouver: N Salmon CreekMLS17344303$558,500
1805 Ne 94th St 29VancouverVancouver: S Salmon CreekMLS17220751$96,900

Listings as of Wednesday 26th of April 2017 07:00:00 PM

Property AddressCityAreaMLS IDPrice
1217 Evanston StElginUnion CountyMLS17021715$122,000
1278 Hayden Bridge RdSpringfieldLane Co: Hayden BridgeMLS17672322$259,900
20201 Hoodview AveWest LinnLake Oswego, West LinnMLS17500168$374,900
Arabian Ct Lot 2GoldendaleKlickitat Co: Goldendale/centervilleMLS17509426$89,900
2010 Ne 137th AvePortlandPortland NortheastMLS17079868$379,000
15785 Se Kaslin WayMilwaukieMilwaukie, Gladstone, Happy Valley, Clckmas, Dmscus, EstacadaMLS17592201$369,000
21680 Sw Gary LnAlohaBeaverton, AlohaMLS17664364$325,000
8604 Ne 13th PlVancouverVancouver: S Salmon CreekMLS17623165$256,995
5585 E Evergreen Blvd 5201VancouverVancouver: The Heights (sw)MLS17049553$139,950

Listings as of Wednesday 26th of April 2017 06:00:00 PM

Property AddressCityAreaMLS IDPrice
3689 Se 14th StGreshamGresham, Sandy, Troutdale, CorbettMLS17100964$399,900
4238 Se Witch Hazel RdHillsboroHillsboro, Forest GroveMLS17499908$299,900
5727 Buena Vista DrVancouverVancouver: E HeightsMLS17249984$950,000
8608 Ne 13th PlVancouverVancouver: S Salmon CreekMLS17092741$249,995
12405 Se Schiller StPortlandPortland SoutheastMLS17494203$400,000
15785 Se Kaslin WayMilwaukieMilwaukie, Gladstone, Happy Valley, Clckmas, Dmscus, EstacadaMLS17678171$369,000
3689 Se 14th StGreshamGresham, Sandy, Troutdale, CorbettMLS17443305$399,900
1124 Se Rollins AveMcMinnvilleYamhill County Including WillaminaMLS17392725$265,000
18200 Se Amity Vineyards RdAmityYamhill County Including WillaminaMLS17133603$839,900
1210 Ne 109th AvePortlandPortland NortheastMLS17692913$329,900
18990 Sw Blanton StAlohaBeaverton, AlohaMLS17602821$220,000
N/AEnterpriseWallowa CountyMLS17344006$189,000

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