Powellhurst Gilbert Real Estate


Natural beauty and affordable home prices are the hallmarks of the Powellhurst Gilbert neighborhood, located in the Southeast section of the city.

Featuring large sections both close-in and farther out from downtown, Powellhurst Gilbert was originally a planned suburb of early Portland, and is still one of the largest neighborhoods in the Southeast quadrant.

Parks & Recreation

Not surprisingly for a large neighborhood filled with natural beauty, Powellhurst Gilbert is filled with lovely day parks cared for by the city and local community. Ed Benedict Park at the corner of Southeast 100th Avenue and Powell Boulevard is a perfect example of the area’s many outdoor community gathering places featuring acres of manicured lawns, a children’s playground, picnic areas, ball fields and exceptional public art.

Real Estate

From early 1900s farmsteads along the outlying borders of Powellhurst Gilbert, to mid-1950s Cape Cods and Bungalows nestled against newly built energy efficient homes closer in, this area boasts a wide variety of affordable homes to choose from.

ZIP Codes

The Powellhurst Gilbert neighborhood uses the 97236 ZIP Code.