Healy Heights Real Estate


Bordered by the prestigious Southwest neighborhoods of Hillsdale and Bridlemile, Healy Heights is filled with some of the most luxurious homes in the area, many with stunning views of the city and surrounding mountain ranges.

Properties in Healy Heights are typically large and beautifully landscaped, and the narrow, shaded streets that wind through this neighborhood make Healy Heights a destination for joggers looking to take advantage of the sparse traffic and scenic beauty of the area.

Parks & Recreation

Marquam Nature Park is part of a series of natural areas located near the Healy Heights neighborhood featuring over 175 acres of natural habitat for wildlife and a complex trail system that connects hikers to the Washington Park Zoo. Healy Heights Park is the neighborhood’s lovely day park with all of the modern amenities you would expect, including free Wi-Fi access.

Real Estate

Many expansive custom homes in a variety of architectural styles dot the Healy Heights neighborhood. Several well-maintained vintage Cottages and Bungalows can also be found, most with lovely views and convenient access to nearby commercial districts.

Zip Codes

The Healy Heights neighborhood uses the 97239 ZIP code.