How to Tell You Have a Hostile Tenant

Posted by on Monday, February 7th, 2011 at 4:55pm.

Reflecting back over the last several months in dealing with a hostile tenant, I felt it was important to share with home buyers out shopping right now.  The simple fact is that a hostile tenant does not want to leave and enjoys living in the home.

Top 12 List for Recognizing a Hostile Tenant 

1.  The tenant tells you about how the house has so many problems. 

2.  The tenant tells you how unsafe the neighborhood is.

3.  The tenant refuses to show the home to potential buyers/ does not answer their phone/ does not call you back.

4.  The tenant is purposely damaging the house or landscaping to make it unappealing to potential home buyers.

5.  The tenant tries to guilt-trip you into not buying the house, "because we've lived here for four years."

6.  The tenant tries to meet with you or have you over for dinner to manipulate you into letting them stay and you not buying the house.

7.  The tenant offers you an illegal bribe.

8.  The tenant needs to be evicted.

9.  The tenant tells you about how sick his wife is from living in the house, which is near "X" environmental hazard (real or imagined).

10.  The tenant tells you that he made an offer on the house and he should get to buy it, not you or your clients.

11.  The tenant takes down the "For Sale" sign.

12.  The tenant stopped paying rent.

I am sure there are more to add to this list but have come across most of them, especially recently in representing buyers who successfully closed TODAY on a short sale property that had a hostile tenant, who did most of the things on the list above.

Just remember, when you are out looking at homes, look for yourself at the home and the neighborhood, do not believe the tenant!  After all, the neighborhood and the home were was good enough for them to want to live there.

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