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March Residential Highlights

While sales activity was down in March 2011 compared with March 2010, activity increased compared to the previous month of February 2011. Additionally, inventory in the Portland metro region was 0.7 months lower than March 2010, reaching the lowest inventory level for the area since May 2010.

Closed sales were down 10.2% in March 2011 compared to March 2010. Pending sales were down 16.2%, and new listings dropped 38.7%. Comparing February 2011 with March 2011, closed sales jumped from 1,074 to 1,615 (50.4%). Pending sales also increased from 1,592 to 2,014 (26.5%). New listings grew from 2,883 to 3,056 (6%). At the month’s rate of sales, the 11,458 active residential listings would last about 7.1 months.

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March Residential Highlights

While sales activity in Clark County showed decreases March 2001 compared to March 2010, sales activity increased when compared to the previous month of February 2011.  Inventory also decreased, reaching the lowest level for Clark County since June 2010.

Comparing March 2011 to March 2010 shows closed sales decreased by 13.9%.  Pending sales also fell by 15.3%, and new listings dropped 18.9%. 

Month-to-month, when comparing February 2011 with March 2011, closed sales grew from 274 to 390 (42.3%).  Additionally, pending sales increased from 408 to 563 (38%), and new listings went up from 705 to 769 (9.1%).

At the month's rate of sales, the 3,227 active residential listings…

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February Residential Highlights

While there were fewer active and new listings on the market, sales activity in Metro Portland showed an improvement in closed sales in February 2011. Closed sales this month were above levels from both last February and the month prior, January 2011. Also notable in February was a slight decrease in inventory, down from 11.3 last month and the lowest of the previous two Februarys.

Closed sales were up 5.8% in February 2011 compared to February 2010. Pending sales were down 13.9%, and new listings dropped 26.1%. Comparing the previous monthof January 2011 with February 2011, closed sales grew from 1,035 to 1,074 (3.8%). Pending sales also increased from 1,489 to 1,592 (6.9%).New listings dropped from 3,128 to2,883…

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Do Open Houses Really Work?

By Marc Rasmussen - Sarasota Condos

Take a drive around some neighborhoods on a Sunday afternoon and you most likely notice a few OPEN HOUSE signs. They have been used by Realtors for a very long time. However, you probably don't know the real reason why a Realtor will hold a house open to the public.

Most people think that a real estate agent will hold their listing open to sell the property but that is not the primary reason they do it. Of course, if they do sell the property that is an added bonus but the main reason they hold their listing open is to start a relationship with the buyers that come through the open house. They are essentially looking for new clients.

Statistically, the odds of anyone buying a home this…

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