Ashcreek Real Estate

Neighborhood Overview

Located in Southwest Portland, the Ashcreek neighborhood is filled with stately classic and modern architecture, beautifully landscaped lots and peaceful streets. Bordered on all sides by equally lovely neighborhoods, Ash Creek is a welcome retreat from the bustle and noise of the nearby city.

The Ashcreek neighborhood is situated near the dense forest of the Tryon Creek Natural Area and is home to the Ash Creek Natural Area and family-friendly Southwest Community Center & Pool. Just a few blocks away you can find the popular and chic Multnomah Village commercial district, with its upscale array of spas, galleries, cafés and specialty shops.

Parks & Recreation

At over 5 acres, the Ash Creek Natural area encompasses a wide variety of foliage and wildlife for you to enjoy as you hike along one of the many well-tended trails. Tryon Creek Natural area is also very nearby and covers over 600 acres of lush forest and recreational areas.

Real Estate

The Ash Creek neighborhood has a variety of housing styles to choose from, including lovely 1920s cottages, English Tudors, Craftsman and modern designs.

Zip Codes

The Ash Creek neighborhood uses the 97219 ZIP Code.